Career Radar

Taking the Career Radar survey creates valuable insights in what you want in your career, as well as strategies in how to attain the career that fits you. Below you can find some more information about the Career Radar self-assessment and a link to start up your personal Career Radar. 

What do I want? Values self-assessment

Values are general ideas about which characteristics of work and work environment that are important for you to be happy, succesful and self-accomplished. From a career perspective, ‘work values’ are of vital importance, because they direct the way you believe, think and act. You will be more motivated, satisfied and committed when your values are congruent with those emphasized in the organization you work for.

With the support from the University of Ghent (Belgium), Careerfit developped a unique self-assessment questionnaire in order to set your values clear. After completing this survey, you will receive a personalized feedback profile based on your scores. Besides feedback on your career type you will receive input on your desired career environment, potential leadership roles and suggestions in order to shape your team towards a better fit with your individual profile.


How do I attain it? Proactive behavior self-assessment

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door…

When it comes to your career, you don’t postpone initiative until things come over you. Instead, you take action, try to anticipate on things that may happen in your organization and try to shape your own career path. This self-directed behavior is also called proactive behavior. Engaging in proactive behaviors may be highly instrumental for your own career growth, both in your current role or in future jobs. For each of these strategies, you will receive your personal score, compared with peers. You get an explanation on what the strategy is about and what can be done to engage in it more frequently.


Ambassadors: get inspired for your career track

The Career Radar matches your profile with testimonials from ambassadors working at top employers. These testimonials provide you more information about possible career tracks. 



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